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A superior level of property management

At Mayfair Homes, we’re a property management company with a difference. Customer service and meeting your expectations underpins everything that we do, delivering a superior level of support that’s expertly tailored to suit both your lifestyle and your property.

Working across Central London, we’re the ultimate destination for all your home management requirements, from essential maintenance to exceptional day to day running of your home. Bringing together an extensive, talented team from multiple disciplines, you know you can rely on us to deliver the resources and professional individuals that give you the freedom to spend your time more productively and reduce operational costs in any managed property.

Home Management Services

Refurbishment London

Looking to give you property a new lease of life? Our interior and design experts can bring your vision to life. Creating stylish, timeless refurbishment ideas that remain practical is what we do. We take your individual tastes and truly reflect this in our luxurious renovations.

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Property Maintenance

The maintenance of your property has an enormous impact on how your property is perceived, and how its value is preserved. From routine maintenance tasks to extensive, one-off projects, we can take the weight off your shoulders and handle every aspect for you, from beginning to end. Our services include lift maintenance, boiler and A/C servicing, cleaning services, and pest control.

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Hospitality Management Services

We can help you deliver exceptional hospitality to your guests, helping to improve your reputation as a leader in the industry when it comes to services. With an extensive range of skills and talents at your disposal, we can create a hospitality management package that customised to your exact needs.

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Property Consultant

We’ve got a thorough knowledge of the London property market and can give you exclusive insights into what your next steps should be. Whether you’re a homeowner or have an extensive property portfolio, we have the expertise to support you.

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Staff Recruitment and Training

Your house staff are a core component of the level of service that’s delivered. We make your life easier by providing house staff, from a professionally trained chef to a meticulous housekeeper, perfectly complemented by high level training. You’ll never have to worry about the quality of your staff when you work with Mayfair Homes.

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Expenses Management

Our expense management service provides financial information which is required to understand your household costs. These reports are presented in useful adaptable formats with full financial transparency and detailed expenditure.

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Property and Home Concierge Service

Property Management London

Providing an unrivaled level of service and value

Our services are created with you in mind.

We know that your home management needs can change and differ from others. That’s why our service is entirely bespoke and flexible to suit your homes, portfolio, and guests. Our dedication to delivering you value means you can always rely on Mayfair Homes to support your property vision.

Our Process



Our creative team work together to bring your new and innovative ideas and concepts. Created with functionality and beauty in mind, our brainstorming process helps us deliver home services that meet your expectations at every turn.



We’ll then take the ideas and conduct thorough research, ensuring that they execute well and work within your budget. We’ll also develop the concepts to give you a better idea of how they will fit into your lifestyle.



We know how important it is for you to get excited about the project. We’ll create detailed sketches and drafts, giving you the perfect opportunity to deliver you feedback.



The final step is to execute the project. High standards are evident across every project we work on and timescales are always adhered to, so you know you can rely on our home services every step of the way.

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