House Inventory Purchase and Management

Managing your household inventory

Running an efficient, luxurious and enjoyable home is about more than just having the right staff in place. We know how important inventory is to making your property comfortable, stylish, and a place where you can entertain and relax.

Mayfair Homes’ house inventory purchase and management service takes all the hassle of furnishing and maintaining your household inventory out of your hands and delivers a convenient, reliable and flexible service, created to make the day-to-day running of your property flawless from the ground up. From high tech kitchen equipment to the decorative finishing touches carefully sourced to your taste, our professional team can handle everything.

From purchasing Food and beverage service items to kitchen equipment, furniture to artefacts- we have the contacts and the skill to be able to procure and manage all House inventory items. Such inventories are checked on a regular basis and the owner updated of any discrepancies.

Matching your needs

Whether you wish to outsource the task of managing your household inventory for your own home or require a professional partner for your wider property business, our services can be tailored to suit your demanding and challenging requirements. We understand the importance of household inventory and how personal to each owner is it. We take time to understand your needs, preferences and tastes and carefully apply this knowledge to acquire only the furniture and artefacts that match your preferred aesthetic, and ensure food and beverage service items are purchased with your own and your guests’ tastes at the fore.

Our household inventory solutions are delivered from the ground up. We can assume the day-to-day responsibility for handling all inventory purchases through our extensive network of carefully sourced and vetted suppliers. From food items and fine wine to art, we procure and manage all inventory items. While we can purchase pieces for you, we can also procure items on a letting basis too, giving you flexibility as needed.

Even if you have all the household inventory you need, we can manage the items for you, allowing you to focus on other, more important areas. It’s a service that landlords and property businesses find invaluable. We’ll conduct regular inventory checks to give you peace of mind and ensure your property runs efficiently. With our team working on your behalf, you’ll be updated immediately should any household inventory discrepancies arise, allowing you to swiftly act where necessary.

Our experience

We’ve been delivering household inventory and wider property management services for over five years and during this time we’ve developed excellent professional working relationships. We use this highly refined network of contacts to meet your house inventory purchase and management needs with skill and efficiency.

Our extensive experience working across a wide-ranging portfolio means you know you can rely on our services from the beginning. We’ll consistently meet your expectations and our varied range of services means we can adapt to suit your changing requirements.

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