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Delivering project management solutions

Any property project can be fraught with challenges, even if it at first seems like a relatively minor change. Mayfair Homes is here to offer you support across a wide range of everyday and specialist property projects, whether you’re refreshing your interior design in certain spaces or undertaking extensive renovation, building and expansion work. We’ll work on your behalf to manage the multiple teams and individuals that need to come together to ensure your project is a success.

Ensuring your projects are effectively managed

Property projects can become complex, with a wide range of people involved across different aspects of the project duration. Our expert team will coordinate all the different elements, from interior designers and planning consultants to engineering experts and build contractors. With a single team overseeing your whole project and its flawless delivery, you be rest assured that each service provider, expert craftsman and all areas of responsibility will work together seamlessly to deliver your project with minimal disruption.

We’ll work with you from the very beginning of the process, ensuring that the completed project not only meets, but exceeds your expectations. Through establishing your vision and requirements within planning and design brief, we are able to fully understand what you want from your property project and reflect this in every decision made.

Our property management team will then work on your behalf, ensuring every part of the project is executed whilst understanding your personal requirements and preferences. We would ensure that after refurbishment the house services flow seamlessly and adequate thought has been given for the property to function seamlessly. At all times, we will make sure that we realised the full potential of the property in ensuring the owners and their guests can enjoy the property to its fullest.

You won’t have to worry about managing any part of the project, as our capable, highly experienced project managers take the reins. From managing budgets to ensuring supreme cost effectiveness to setting out time allocation to guarantee successful delivery, there isn’t a single area where our experts can’t provide support as your project develops.

Our experience

Thanks to our vast experience in project management we know exactly what’s needed from administrative, compliance, legal, trade and financial considerations to ensure your project runs smoothly and is executed to the highest of standards. We have an expert team of project managers who specialise in luxury property. Your dedicated project manager will liaise with you and those responsible for the work, while our extensive network of professionals ensures that the completed work is always of a gold star standard.

With excellent communication, effortless workflow and timely reporting guaranteed, coupled with an attention to detail that our customers appreciate, you’ll be able to sit back and relax while your project is completed to exceptionally high standards.

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