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London is an attractive place to purchase property, whether you’re looking to buy your home or make an investment. But understanding which areas offer the best value and the vital factors you need to consider can be a challenge, particularly if you’re new to the city. Here, Mayfair Homes can offer you an unrivalled level of support. We’ll utilise our knowledge of London and the complex luxury property market to ensure you find the property that’s perfect for you.

Covering every aspect of property purchasing

We’ve worked in the London property market for over five years and after making several successful introductions between buyers and sellers, we realised that we were in a unique position to offer our customers another indispensable service. By putting our skills and industry knowledge to use, we help those looking for a certain standard of London property with every aspect of the property hunt. We provide a unique insight and unrivalled access to compelling investment and residential property opportunities.

Using a wide-ranging network of off-market agents, we’ll source and give you access to properties that meet your requirements, that you may otherwise have missed out on. Our service does not end when the ideal property has been sourced. We can also act as your property broker, conducting negotiations on your behalf to secure you the best deal possible.

Our dedicated team is also on hand to answer any questions you may have throughout the process of purchasing a property. You’ll have access to expert advice when you need it, helping you to make the right choices. Among the areas we can advise on are:

  • Opportunities within the London property market
  • Associated structures
  • Tax requirements

Of course, once your sale has gone through, we can continue to work with you. Our other services, including project management and inventory management, perfectly complement a new home and getting everything in order.

Our experience

We know the London property market well, having worked on a huge range of diverse projects over the years. This means that we are perfectly placed to not only offer you advice on a wide variety of areas but have the connections to put you in touch with sellers, potentially offering you lucrative deals and ensuring you’re the first to hear about properties being placed on the market. Our incredible insights into the property market coupled with our extensive array of other services means we can bring you comprehensive property solutions, from the initial viewing to ongoing staff management.

Get in touch with us to find out more or speak to one of our luxury property consultants.

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