AV and IT Maintenance Service

Connecting and maintaining your property

Audio visual gadgets and IT solutions have become an essential part of any home but maintaining such an array of varying technologies can be time consuming. Your TV giving up halfway through your favourite programme or the internet dropping out while you’re working on an important briefing isn’t only frustrating and inconvenient – it can be costly too. Our expert team can not only install audio visual and IT solutions but provide you with regular maintenance to ensure it continues working at optimal levels.

Providing complete AV and IT solutions

We’ve got the experience and a skilled team to cover all maintenance associated with your audio visual equipment, from simple TV set-ups to high end at-home cinemas. With our maintenance service, you can rest assured that your equipment will continue to run long after the warranty has ended and you’ll never be surprised with unexpected break downs.

As well as an extensive maintenance service, our experienced team are able to install all your audio visual and IT solutions, seamlessly integrating them with your current set up. With sector insights, the knowledgeable and capable Mayfair Homes team will be able to help you get the most out of your latest purchases.

Our flexible range of services can be completely customised to suit you and the equipment you have. Among our AV and IT services are:

  • Technical support given by an experienced professional that understands your needs and gadgets.
  • Contracts that include frequent and consistent maintenance checks to ensure every aspect is in excellent working order.
  • Managed services that cover a comprehensive range of areas, taking all the hassle out of your hands.
  • One-off services. Even if you don’t have a contract with Mayfair Homes we can still provide you with installation or maintenance service if required.
  • Support in setting up and installing various components of your audio visual and IT equipment.

Whether you’re looking for guidance with purchases made for your own home or are adding features to property you intend to let, we’re here to help you.

Our experience

We’ve been installing and maintaining all associated audio visual and IT equipment in high-end luxury homes for five years, allowing our team to fully understand what you need from our services. Our experience and commitment to customer satisfaction means that our AV and IT services are unmatched in the sector and will truly give you peace of mind.

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