Importance of periodic maintenance

Periodic Maintenance

Periodic maintenance of household mechanical and electrical system alongside other household infrastructure, ensures that any problems are identified and dealt with before it turns into a major issue. Sometimes also called as preventive maintenance or proactive maintenance, periodic maintenance ensures that the value of your property remains intact and appreciates over a period of time. It also enhances the life expectancy of machinery and equipment and guarantees that the homeowner and princlpals enjoy their properties to its fullest.

Residential properties around the world appreciates in value on its own. The easiest way to maintain that built-up equity in the property is by doing minor repair works proactively and systematically. Many serious incidents and accidents could be avoided if property managers or house managers followed basic checks of all house equipment and systems, within their purview. This not only results in limiting down-time as the maintenance work can also be scheduled when the property is not occupied and equally can deliver substantial costs savings in the long run.

Annual maintenance contracts (AMCs) are the simplest and easiest way to deal with this matter. There are specialist companies available to ensure that the health of such items remain pristine and any downtime is minimised. Facilities management team should ensure that the AMCs cover all what is required under its stipulations. As there would be no benefit if the AMC cannot help when there is a breakdown.

If AMCs are in place most companies include breakdown call outs within the contract. This helps the owners or their household team to ensure that there is a seamless service delivery and the fact that there is someone to turn to in case of any emergency. Most companies also set up a reminder service so you do not have to remember each and every item when the scheduled maintenance is required. Costs of such repairs can then easily be spread over the year instead of house expense statement taking a hit in case there is an unplanned breakdown.

As such there is not an exhaustive list of items included for period maintenance however key relevant items and frequency of maintenance/ servicing of such items is mentioned below:

Monitoring and Evaluation FREQUENCY
Boilers – Servicing
The boilers are serviced annually and are normally located in the basement vaults;
The associated hot water tanks are units that provide hot water to all flats 24/7.
Roof Top VRF Condensors – Servicing
This is for twice per year service of the comfort cooling system. Servicing of internal units are also included in the contract.
Repairs (parts and labour) specific to the units are charged back to the individual flats.
Building Management System
Servicing and Calibration
Emergency Lights
Quarterly servicing to the common area and plant room emergency lighting.
Drainage / Gutters – Common Parts
The main drains are checked and jetted twice per year. Any blockages or call-outs in between is included.
Fire Alarms – servicing and maintenance
Fire Alarm systems is serviced quarterly. It includes both wired and cordless equipment and sounders.
Monthly service visit for passenger lift. Annual full service of the machinery with deep clean of car, pit and shaft.
Emergency release of passengers on a 24 hour basis.
UV System
The ultra violet filtration system for the potable water supply is checked annually
Water Pumps/Water Tank – Servicing
There are 3 booster water pumps in the basement vault. These are serviced annually.
General Repairs
Small common area repairs or external fabric repairs, repainting of boundary wall etc
Lightning Earth Protection Test
Lighting and Earth Protection to the building fabric is checked and tested once per year.
Pest Control
Preventative pest control regime in the common parts and vault areas to be checked on a quarterly basis.
Cleaning Materials and Specialist Clean
Daily cleaning and mopping of Common Areas. Cleaning schedule of high level and low level cleaning.
Monthly deep cleaning and annual Jet wash of common area Patios
Light Bulb Replacement
Common area light bulbs to be checked and replaced on a daily basis, special attention to be made during guest visits.
Window Cleaning
All external windows to be cleaned on a quarterly basis.
Special attention to be paid to liaise with the House Management team to achieve 100% satisfaction and sign off.
Access Control, External CCTV
Maintenance and servicing of external access control system and peripheral CCTV system on a quarterly basis
Health & Safety Audits incl PAT Test
Annual Health and safety audit and fire safety checks.

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