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Top things I learnt while working for Billionaires


Top 5 things I learnt while working for Billionaires and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWI):

Aside from the glitz and glamour, to be working at such close proximity with some of the world’s richest individuals and their families there is natural learning happening at all times. Although working in such an environment requires bags of patience, resilience and good humour, it pays back with the wisdom and skill enhancement as you start to think like one of them. It is through years of practicing good habits and sustainable positive lifestyle that these UHNWI are able to differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack to continuously climb up the success ladder. Below is the list of top 5 such habits I endorsed while working for super-rich families.


  1. Pursuit of value for their money
    Even though these multi-millionaire individuals operate at such high level, they demand value for every single penny they spend. At no point would they let their guards down. They work very hard to create and retain such wealth. I strongly feel that the reason that they were able to amass such an incredible fortune is because they were careful with their money all along. To an extent that it becomes second nature. Sometimes it takes reminding to equate time value of money that further justification/breakdown of costs might actually start costing more than the actual expense. But the key still remains to think out of the box to save costs where it can be saved, judiciously.
  2. Common sense approach
    I have been in contact mostly with self-made billionaires where they always remain grounded and practical whichever situation presents itself. As much as they are an awe-inspiring personality, most of them are very humble, down to earth, logical and friendly bunch. They are easily able to draw upon their past experiences to find the simplest and best solution to any given situation. Sometimes it felt that they had seen it all, however it was their common sense approach to matters that placed them in a better position and gain success.
  3. Risk takers
    You can research or read upon any high achiever and one thing you will find in common, is where the individual had put all they had at that stage into that project. The outcome of that project determined their extreme success or utter downfall. Obviously we only read about success stories and how they beat all odds, the others disappear into oblivion. So such extreme successes cannot come by cautious treading behind the line.
  4. Trusted Circle
    Multi-billionaires bring together the best of their friends and associates in various fields. Not only do they try and surround themselves with the highly intellectual and well connected comrades but like experienced managers they believe in sharing knowledge and furthering skills of their team. They strongly believe in mutual success and brining a Trusted circle around them for maximum growth. Not to forget those famous words, “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”
  5. Inquisitive nature
    I think they develop the habit of being inquisitive from a very early age. They will question everything and will rarely accept No for an answer, till the time they have thoroughly looked at all different angles. From this inquisitive nature comes out the best of ideas, simplified solutions to complex problems and ensuing sense of fulfilment. Wealth creation then becomes more of an intrinsic hobby where they derive pleasure on an ongoing journey rather than any specific need to make such a concerted effort. .


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